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13 - You'll Never Get A Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Episode Summary

How to create a positive first impression in the entryway of your medical or healthcare space

Episode Notes

What happens during the first fifteen seconds after your patient steps into your healthcare office is critical to the success of your business. Is your office, clinic or facility instantly welcoming, and does it say, “Come in and relax your beautiful self while we take outstanding care of you?” Or does it say, “Please excuse us, we’re overwhelmed in here… hurry up, get in, hurry up, get out–giddy up!”?

How to Design a First Impression in your Medical or Healthcare Space that Becomes a Lasting Impression

In today's episode you will learn:

👉 The psychology of first impressions and why it matters to keeping patient satisfaction rates high

👉 The biggest no no's of a first impression that can make your peeps feel like they've been on an IV drip of Red Bull for the last six hours

👉 An easy two-step process of designing a gorgeous first impression that doesn't break the bank (although it can if you want it to)

👉 The best placement for your reception desk

👉 How to make plants and water features your BFF's

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